An inner cut level 5 glove offering great sensitivity and dexterity. Suitable for use in the food industry. 

Liner › Protecta Plus Fibres 

Gauge › 13 

Sizes Available › S-XXL 

Bag/Case Quantity › Bags of 10/boxes of 100 

Colour › Spotted blue 

EN388 › 454xC


These gloves are really among the best cut resistant gloves in the market today, they are comfortable to use, dexterous and washable. they are suitable for Manufacturing, Material handling, & general maintenance where cut resistance is an issue.

Manufactured entirely with Protecta fibre, Provir gloves offer a high degree of dexterity. They reduce hand fatigue and allow the hand to breathe.

Recommended areas of use: 

Suitable for Manufacturing, Material handling and general maintenance where cut resistance is an issue. 


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