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We are experts in the field of hand and respiratory protection, manufacturing products to safeguard employees in the workplace.

We are a family led PPE manufacturer offering bespoke PPE to customers. For over 30 years our motto has been ‘committed to excellence’ which not only refers to our products but also the service provided.

Top PPE manufacturer of RPE

Since its launch the Air 3000 has quickly become one of the top selling FFP3 disposable respirators in the market today. The premium mask is manufactured using the highest quality materials and is thoughtfully designed to pass well on qualitative and quantitative face fit testing.

Microlin’s range of RPE has been carefully designed to offer high levels of comfort to the user without compromising protection.
Our ‘AIR’ range of FFP3 masks can achieve the required performance standard without using multiple layers of melt blown, thus making it much easier for the user to breathe.

We are are strong advocates for face fit testing and it is our aim to ensure all workers using RPE are properly fit tested with a respirator that will protect them.

To learn more about RPE, face fit testing and the range Microlin Cooper can offer please get in touch today.

FFP3 Air 3000
Air 3000 Small

Introducing the latest respirator to our ‘AIR’ range, the AIR 3000 small. 

A smaller version of our best selling Air 3000 FFP3 mask, designed specifically for smaller faces.

The mask is reusable as well as dolomite tested, certified FFP3 R D. 

Similarly to our Air 3000 the small performs excellently on face fit testing and comes highly recommended.

The most unique feature is the large exhalation valve, this is extremely hard to achieve in a smaller mask due to the smaller surface area of the product, however we have managed to do so! The larger valve makes it even easier and more comfortable to breathe whilst wearing. This is also known as ‘low breathing resistance’.

We are excited to bring smaller sized mask to the market, something we have been asked many times since the extremely successful launch of the Klass Air 3000.

PPE manufacturer on a global scale

Our strong relationships with our UK and overseas customers allows us to understand the world of health and safety on a global level.

PPE manufacturer on a global level

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