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Welcome to Microlin Cooper, industry leaders in the protection of hand and respiratory. Since 1992 we have put safety first, committing to excellence in every way. 

Industries we serve

For over 25 years our products have been used across a number of industries both in the UK and overseas. 


Aerospace industry

The UK aerospace sector is the second largest in Europe, and third largest globally.

Cut resistant gloves and sleeves are an essential part of manufacture in this industry. Our most popular safety gloves in this industry are the ‘TEK 8000’, and our ‘Impact18’.

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PPE is essential in all lab environments. Safety gloves offer protection from hazardous chemicals, infection and contamination. Additionally, lab coats protect against accidental spills, e.g., acids.  Microlin Cooper offer both gloves and lab coats for protection in chemical environments.

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Microlin Cooper have developed gloves bespoke for some of the largest automotive companies in the UK and Europe.
For example, our 'Grey Boston’ glove. This is a welding glove providing both high levels of heat and cut protection.

We have three versions of this glove due to specific customer requests. Firstly a version with an ajustable strap as well as a version with a soft leather palm.

Strong relationships on a global level

Our strong relationships with our UK and
overseas customers allows us to understand the
world of health and safety on a global level.

Our Products

Our aim is to manufacture products that not only adhere to the health and safety regulations in place but also satisfy the needs and wants of the customer in question.


Disposable & Chemical

Our range of disposable and chemical gloves offer both high quality and comfort for the user. Offering nitrile, PVC and butyl coated gloves the product range covers protection from a number of chemicals.

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General Purpose

General use gloves can cover a wide range of applications including; Warehouse tasks, construction work and general handling. The range includes PU, latex and nitrile coated gloves.



Our popular selection of thermal gloves offer high protection in temperatures from -25 down to -150° Celsius. Thermal gloves are excellent for dark or cold environments such as; warehouses, building yards and freezers.



Our waterproof range of gloves is ideal for all water based tasks. The product range includes thermal, cut resistant and oil proof gloves perfect for handling greasy or wet objects.


Cut resistant

Cut resistant gloves range from cut level 1-5 or A-F according to the new EN388 standards. Microlin have developed a range to offer both high cut resistance as well as excellent dexterity.


Heat resistant

We have a selection of heat gloves offering protection from high temperatues ranging from 350 up until 1000 degrees Celsius. Our heat gloves are popular in the steel, foundry and automative industries for example.

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