Respiratory protection

Microlin Cooper offers a range of CE approved respirators, also known as disposable masks or filtering facepiece respirators to help protect against particulates. With models available in FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

In addition to this MC are the official UK distributor for ‘LyncMed’ Type IIR high quality surgical masks

FFP3’s offer a stronger form of protection than any other item on the market. Our range of FFP3 masks offer a high level of protection against dangerous particulates, viruses and radioactive contamination. All our FFP3 face masks are EN149:2001 quality standard providing an assigned protection value (APF)20 and 50 NPF protection. This provides protection against fine particulates, solid aerosols or liquid aerosols listed as toxic as low as 0.3 microns. (virus size).

Protection against lead, cement silica dust, biological, mould, powder, treated wood as well as against viruses and asbestos.

A mask is only as good as it’s fit…

The purpose of a face fit test is to ensure there is a secure seal around the face in order to fully protect the user from hazardous substances in the air.

Our ‘Air 3000’ FFP3 disposable mask has performed outstandingly on face-fit and received high praise from expert Fit2Fit accredited face fit testers.

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