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Our Team

Our 30 years of experience in the PPE industry allow us to offer expert advice.

Our trained sales team and dedicated key account managers are enthusiastic and passionate in their role support you in your business ventures. The design process of each product considers both the level of protection necessary for the user as well as how ‘user friendly’ and comfortable it is to wear. 

Our team of account managers believe in working closely with our customers, developing long standing and trustworthy relationships. Our motto has always been putting the customer first and assisting them in all their needs.

Our international position

Since our establishment Microlin has seen an upward trend of sales internationally. 

In addition to our UK and Ireland customers we supply companies all over the world including; Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe and South America. 

Our strong relationships with both our UK and overseas customers allow us to understand the world of health and safety on a global level. 

We use this combined knowledge to produce the highest quality products in order to benefit thousands of users all over the world.