Anti Impact


Anti impact gloves or impact resistant gloves offer protection to the back of the hand. ‘Klass’ by Microlin Cooper anti impact gloves are made with PVC padding on the knuckles and the back of the hand which absorb impact.

Our impact gloves are dextrous allowing the user to be able to work comfortably whilst also being protected from impact associated risks.
Impact resistant gloves are crucial in some activities such as baggage handling, assembly or construction when normal mechanical gloves will not suffice.

Microlin’s range of  impact gloves have been curated to include thermal impact gloves and cut protection impact gloves.

Industries that are most susceptible to impact injuries include the oil and gas industry, mining, and manufacturing as well as the automotive, chemical, and aerospace industries as well.
Lack of Impact protection can cause injuries such as lacerations, bones breaking, and bruises.