Microlin Cooper

Why choose Microlin Cooper?

Committed to excellence..

Our motto is ‘committed to excellence’ and our aim is to ensure the highest level of safety in the work place. We are a family owned business, dedicated to putting you, the customer first. We think about the long-term advances of the health and safety industry and continuously produce new expertly designed products you.

Our promise to you:

  • Products manufactured with the highest quality materials
  • Competitive pricing – Premium and budget friendly options available
  • Experience and knowledge of the international market
  • Quick and easy delivery service
  • A dedicated team of highly qualified experts offering professional advice
At an extremely exciting time in the health and safety industry we know the future is full of opportunities and our doors are always open to our current and future customers who wish to discuss how we can help each other to remain competitive and unique in this market. The PPE market is a dynamic one due to constant changes in technology. Here at Microlin we strongly believe in using the latest technologies and materials to provide exceptional products.