Impact 18

A comfortable 18 gauge, cut level 3 glove with impact protection.

Coating › Polyurethane

Liner › Tsunooga

Gauge › 18

Sizes Available › S-XL

Bag/Case Quantity › 10 pairs per bag/100 per case


Standards › EN388:2016: 4342B

Possible to make with anti-static properties.


This product is a 18 gauge five-finger woven glove manufactured with a new cut resistant Japanese fibre called Tsunooga , and polyamide fibres. The Impact 18 has been adapted to include impact protection on the back of the hand.

The glove has an orange coating of polyurethane on the palm and on the fingers.

The glove is subjected then to a further treatment that reduces the Polyurethane by 3 microns which gives the TEK 18 that unique feel sensation.

Recommended areas of use:

Aerospace industry, automotive industry, baggage handling.

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