A comfortable 18 gauge, cut level 3 glove.

Coating › Polyurethane 

Liner › Tsunooga 

Gauge › 18 

Sizes Available › S-XL 

Bag/Case Quantity › 10 pairs per bag/100 per case 

Colour › Light blue 



This product is a 18 gauge five-finger woven glove manufactured with a new cut resistant Japanese fibre called Tsunooga , and polyamide fibres.

The glove has a a dark grey coating of polyurethane on the palm and on the fingers.

The glove is subjected then to a further treatment that reduces the Polyurethane by 3 microns which gives the TEK 18 that unique feel sensation.

Recommended areas of use:

For fine and delicate manipulations, where static electricity could cause damage in a production area. And handling small very sharp components as part of the manufacturing process.