These nitrile disposable gloves are powder free and 3.2ml in thickness. 

Material  Nitrile 

Gauge  2.2ml thickness 

Sizes Available  S-XXL 

Bag/Case Quantity  100 gloves 

Colour Light blue


EN 374 – 1

EN 374 – 4

EN 374 – 5

ASTM D6319, EN 455 Part 1, 2, 3 & 4

ISO 9001 certified by SGS (UK) and SIRIM (Malaysia) ISO 13485 certified by SGS (UK)

EN 1186: Food Contact Approved (SGS)


These nitrile disposable gloves are powder free, and 2.2 Mil in thickness.  They are light, comfortable and strong.

Recommended areas of use:

Chemical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, clinical and hospital setting. Food processing and preparation. Electronics, engineering, manufacturing and automotive maintenance and repair.

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