Air 3000

The Air 3000 is a premium FFP3 mask made from high quality materials.

The design which includes an inner foam face seal not only adds comfort but aids in face-fit testing.

The Air 3000 mask passes extraordinary on face fit testing and is highly recommended by the accredited face-fit test community.


Air 3000 Features 

  • High levels of protection, excellent face-fit test results and comfort.
  • High quality materials – Our High Performance Filter Material helps the wearers to breathe easily through the respirator for more comfortable protection.
  • A large exhalation valve – reduces heat and moisture build-up to offer workers comfortable protection.
  • Metal FREE – suitable for use in the food industry.
  • Four adjustable straps resulting in a better face fit .
  • Full foam inner face seal  –  the cushioned inner liner not only feels more comfortable but helps improve the fit of the mask.
  • Robust outer shell for added durability.
  • Protects against dusts and water and oil based mists found in a wide variety of industrial applications and other work situations requiring FFP3 protection..

Product Data Sheet


EU Declaration Of Conformity


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