ABI 800

A dextrous, five finger glove that can be used in temperatures up to 800°C.

Material › Glass fabric, twaron felt & silicone fibres

Bag/Case Quantity › Per pair 

Colour › Yellow 



This is a very unique glove, achieving the extremely high test results on all six of the EN407 standards (Level 4).

The Abi 800 can be used in temperatures up to around 800°C and is resistant to splashes from molten metal.

  • Fire resistant, and can be used with radiant heat atmospheres.
  • High EN388 test scores with a cut resistance level F.

Length: 45cm long

Recommended areas of use:

  • Foundry
  • Holding hot plates
  • Handling molten metal
  • Metal extrusion and casting.
  • Metal heat treatment
  • Glass heat processing
  • Solar cell production
  • Industrial welding
  • Industrial oven
  • Tunnel furnace

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