Microlin Cooper

About Us


Our company was established in the United Kingdom in 1992. We specialise in the manufacture of both hand and respiratory protection. Our knowledge and expertise are focused on these two areas of PPE in order to provide some of the best products on the market today. 

Our method is simple. We listen to the demands of our customers in order to fulfil needs which are not being met on the market today. In this way we have managed to build a range of PPE products that are extremely relevant across a number of industries. 

Bespoke products are a key feature of our business and is what has allowed our company to grow. We like to say yes to any customer requests and enjoy working closely with customers on new projects and ideas. 

Own Branding

Have you ever thought about own branding for your company?

From our own label ‘Klass’ to specific customer own branding,what makes Microlin Cooper unique is our flexibility.

We can offer own branding to your company and customise your PPE to include the company name along with your logo and any other preferences you may have. 

Our Doors are always open

At an extremely exciting time in the health and safety industry we know the future is full of
opportunities and our doors are always open to our current and future customers who wish
to discuss how we can help each other to remain competitive and unique in this market.